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Want to study abroad? Let Sqore help you!

Want to study abroad? Let Sqore helps you

Choosing where to study abroad for your degree is really complicated, especially when there are so many factors to think about. You might find that the hardest thing to do is just deciding where to go in the first place.

There is an infinite amount of possibilities for you. No matter where you are from and what your background is, there is a way for you to get to a programme and school that would suit your dreams and ambitions.

If your grades need a boost to get into a Bachelor’s programme, there are International Foundation Programmes that will help you. Already a professional, but want to get an edge in your industry? There are MBA programmes on offer around the world that can fit in your busy schedule.

In fact, you don’t even have to go overseas to get the same accreditation as studying abroad. There are tons of great online and blended learning programmes that you can afford.

School Search is Now More Fun to Do

The biggest obstacle is the same for everyone – how do you do your research? And when you find somewhere you like, how do you convince them to let you in the programme?

That’s where we’d love to help you out! On Sqore, you get to learn about hundreds of different study programmes around the world in just a few clicks.

Search engines and brochures are great – but it takes so long to sift through them and get right to what you need to know. The Sqore quiz helps you get to the programme’s highlights right away!

More Than Just a Search

The other brilliant thing about being on Sqore is that if you fit the requirements for the programme that you’re interested in, we will connect you to an admissions expert who will help you increase your chances of getting enrolled!

Be a Priority Candidate

Being a Priority Candidate means you’ll get personalised guidance from the admissions expert. This will be a great help because different countries, schools and study abroad programmes are quite varied when it comes to expectations, rules and deadlines. All these different requirements and eligibility can be quite tiring to navigate.

For example – how do you convert your grades to match the university requirements if you have taken the GCSE A levels but the University requirements list a different grading system? What if you don’t have the right grades, or have not completed a standardised test like TOEFL or GMAT?

The first step to getting assistance with this is to remember to fill in your phone number and contact details in your Sqore profile!

That way, an admissions expert will be able to reach you and help you navigate all these tricky and confusing paperwork. You will also get help to find the best solutions and options you have to make a successful application!

Get Bonuses and Perks from Schools

Some schools also offer special perks for the right student. If you’re a Priority Candidate a programme might even offer you bonuses to help you to succeed in your student life – this could range to anything from guidance on securing accommodation or even cash prizes!

Get Access to Study Abroad Opportunities

The other beautiful thing about Sqore is we understand your busy schedule, and that you might not always remember to keep an eye out for interesting programmes.

We’ve got you covered. Every week we line up the most interesting study programmes out there, and we keep you up to date over e-mail (if you choose to hear from us!). Once you’ve checked out a programme, don’t forget to keep logging in and an eye your messages on Sqore.

An admissions expert could be reaching out to help you today – remember to have your phone number and contact information in your profile!

Good luck!

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With a wide-ranging professional and educational background, Anna is passionate about travel and learning. Originally from Poland, she considers her time studying abroad in Italy one of the most valuable experience she's ever had. Today Anna lives in Stockholm and loves helping other international students succeed in their academic journey.