Welcome, International Students!

It’s always nice to feel welcome. On Sunday 8th October, President of the Stockholm City Council, Mrs Eva-Louise Erlandsson Slorach, held a reception to welcome international students to Stockholm. The reception was arranged by the City of Stockholm and coordinated by Stockholms Akademiska Forum and is held annually. This all took place at the Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset)! In […]

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Teamwork, Decision-making, and Sweden

Non-hierarchical teamwork The other day someone asked me, “How does it feel like to do group work in a non-hierarchical society like Sweden?” That got me thinking. For a start, Swedes do say that their society is non-hierarchical. Google “flat hierarchy Sweden” and you’ll get tons of results. The Swedish Institute talks about how it […]

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The Ups and Downs of A Liberal Arts College

Liberal arts? What’s that? In many countries, students have to decide their major when they apply for university. In contrast, a liberal arts education aims to provide students with a broad and general range of knowledge. This is in addition to a major that students choose to study more in depth in the later years […]

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Competitions: A Personal Story

When I participated in the Discover Stockholm School of Economics & KAB International Fellows Program competition hosted by Sqore, it wasn’t my first time participating in an international competition. In fact, I had previously interned in Sweden as a result of another competition! As Kathy describes in her post about the benefits of participating in […]