5 Reasons To Study Art & Design

1. Variety range of topics to study

Art & Design doesn’t simply mean drawing, there are diverse choices of study topics you can choose from such as history sculpture, theatre, fashion. Having this diversity will keep you engaged, and an interesting course structure will help to stretch your creative minds for fresh ideas.

2. Travel abroad

It could just be one semester or a full year, many art/design universities offer study abroad programs. This will help you broaden your skillset and knowledge in the area you are studying. Also, it will give you an advantage in the future when you are getting a job when they see that you have experiences from different parts of the globe.

3. Transferrable Skills

Many people believe that getting a job in creative sector will lead to low-paid jobs. However, the skills that you learn during your degree will set you up to perform in many different professional roles. You will have abilities to think creatively and independently better than others

4. Job Opportunities

Studying art/design can lead to very competitive industry. If you have the skills and talent, you could make it in a very exciting industry. Several professional organisations also offer specialized positions for Art and Design graduates, such as arts council England.

5. You love what you are doing!

If you have a creative mind and you are able to express it out during your studies, how amazing is that! Most of all, you will be happy that you made the decision because you love what you are doing.

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