6 Reasons Why You Should Consider An MBA In Europe

Over the years, business schools in Europe have built up a strong reputation in terms of education. If you are planning a future management career in Europe, these prestigious schools are the best choice for you. Continue reading to find out the benefits of pursuing an MBA at a European business school.

1. Complete an MBA program just in one year

In most cases, if you plan to study full-time, an MBA program in Europe may last only one year whereas it normally last up to two years in the U.S. Depending on the type of MBA course you choose, the program will last between 12-18 months.

2. Wide range of MBA courses

Europe provides a wider range of MBA courses in comparison to American business schools. Furthermore, MBA programs are more diverse in terms of content and specializations and they continually strive to add new topics considering the latest changes in the international job market.

3. Tuition fee is affordable

Although tuition fees for MBA is not the cheapest thing ever, European business schools are still more affordable compared to American business schools. The tuition fee ranges from 9,800 to around 25,600EUR. If you are willing to take executive or international courses it might be a little higher, however there are also good opportunities for students to finance their business studies in Europe.

4. Small number of students in class

Business schools in Europe usually have around 120 students in one year. Out of these 120 students, they are separated into small groups of around 30-35. By being in a small group, students can get personalized attention and at the same time, gain sufficient practical business knowledge.

5. Build an international network

European business schools bring together a large diversity in terms of the students’ nationalities. Getting an MBA degree in Europe will advantage future professionals who want to connect with business people from all around the world. More international connection means also a potential business partnership. Nonetheless, you will also achieve a broader perspective on different cultures and the way they handle business.

6. Get a chance to learn an extra foreign language

Pursuing an MBA in Europe is not only a chance to learn more about a new culture, but it is also a chance to learn a new language. Regardless of which language you will get to learn, in this globalised business world, additional foreign language skills are always a plus!

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