9 Great Ways To Overcome Monday Syndrome

Do you feel your temper rising for no specific reason as Sunday evening is approaching? Do you see your work desk even while you are sleeping? Do you count how many hours you have left to sleep before the clock strikes 7:00? Do you have to set 20 alarms to get up on Mondays? Do you have to silence your heart while it pleads for you to call in sick on Monday mornings? If yes, then dear friend, please don’t panic, because you are experiencing Monday Syndrome!

While we can’t really do anything to change the very existence of Monday, we can still adopt some strategies to overcome the annoying and infuriating Monday Syndrome!

Do not procrastinate

Do not procrastinate throughout the week. You put something off until tomorrow and then push it to the day after that and then pile everything onto your weekend to-do list. Thus, you end up spoiling your weekend before it even starts. It is not at all fair to your tirelessly working body and soul, since it deserves rest and refreshment after a busy work week.

Organise your work and plan your week

Let’s face it: you cannot do all the tasks that you have been piling up for 5 working days over the weekend. Therefore, you need to make sure to organize your work in advance. Make a to-do list and follow it strictly. Plan your after-work hours as well, and divide your time in a way that ensures you get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. This, although seemingly difficult, disciplined lifestyle can make your life a lot easier and make Monday seem like a normal day to you.

Breathe fresh air

Try getting up early, not for work, but for yourself. Breathe fresh air, feel the morning dew on your skin and take a walk, if possible. This will not only relax your body, but also provide you with a sense of tranquility that you might be missing in the rush of your daily work.


Dancing can shake stress off your body. 20-30 minutes of dancing is a way to exercise that is actually fun! If you are not into dancing, you can try traditional exercises that suit your body and needs. Exercise is another excellent way to feel refreshed and alive. This does not mean that you need to exhaust your body by working out for hours.

Eat your favourites 

Whether you choose to stay home or decide to dine out, eat your favourites. Pamper yourself and please your heart. You deserve to enjoy your meals! Take a few minutes for your lunch, you don’t always have a client waiting, a file to submit or a meeting in 20 minutes. Tell yourself that you have the time to sit down and eat.

Catch up with family and friends

Plan a get-together with friends or sit with your family and have long talks about what is going on in your life. Speak your heart to those close to you. Do not hold in the things about the work week that bothered you – otherwise these things can keep bothering you for days or weeks. Talking to those who care about you, watching a movie with them, shopping or any other relaxing activity will not only brighten up the weekend, but can amazingly give you energy that lasts throughout the coming week.

Take rest, leave coffee

Be gentle to yourself! Do not drink endless mugs of coffee and do not stay awake late. Try doing this even on weekends – this is your chance to get the sleep you may have missed while working hard during the week. Make the most of your day plans rather than having all late-nights. Do your best to sleep up to a full 8 hours and take short naps during the day. Let your body and mind get the rest they need.

Go crazy 

Do something crazy! Breaking some of your rules once in a while can make you feel good. Do something out of the ordinary – dress in a new style, chase a butterfly, write a songs or wear new makeup. For a whole weekend there is no office, no boss, no deadlines, and no rules. You own your weekend. Live every moment to the fullest!

Plan your outfits

Sometimes you are too busy completing your tasks and managing work to think about what you are wearing. Take some time during the weekend to decide how you will dress the coming week. Decide whether you want to look pretty or handsome, classy and stylish, or smart and conservative. Whatever your style may be, take some time to think about how you will present yourself and you will find yourself looking forward to going to work – even on a Monday!