Countries With The Best MBA Salaries


1. Australia

Australia is a key player in the Asia-Pacific market and boasts the top average compensation for MBA jobs at US$133,100. Although average salary levels might not be as high as expected, this is made up for with big bonuses averaging over US$15,000.

2. United Kingdom

Businesses in the UK continue believe strongly in the value that MBAs bring and it has average salary level of US$106,100. The UK’s position on the global business education stage means that the value enjoyed by those who work there is also shared with those who have studied or gained some experience in the country. (Click here to check out MBA program in the U.K.)

3. France

Although MBA market in France has been not so popular over the last decade, employers in France offer an average overall MBA salary and bonus of US$100,800 to their MBA employees, meaning that it stands quite high in the world. Average salary levels in France actually exceed the UK’s if bonus levels are discounted. (Click here to study MBA in France.)

4. United States

When it comes to big MBA markets in the world, we cannot forget U.S. MBA salary levels in the U.S has remained high for past decades, standing at US$98,300. It would not be a surprise to see an increase in employee incentives and salaries accompanying next year’s predicted surge in interest.

5. Germany

It may seem Germany’s salary levels are much lower than the ones listed above, it currently stand at US$93,700, this is not necessarily representative of an equal lack of demand. Rather, this is due to the fact that more MBA employers in Germany are hiring internationally from Asia and the Indian subcontinent reflecting the German economy which thrives on the demand for German goods in Asia. Subsequently demand for Asian MBAs to join German companies and vice versa in order to maintain strong global, money-making relationships is high.

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