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An interview with Ameet Singh Khalsa, winner of the Linnaeus University Business Innovation Scholarship Challenge 2017

“This win is completely life changing for me and has boosted my morale and open new doors for me.” – Ameet Singh Khalsa, winner of the Master Scholarship to Linnaeus University.


How did you feel when you found out that you won?

“I was absolutely thrilled and a little surprised when I got the news!”

How did you hear about this competition?

“I heard about the competition from the Linnaeus University representative whom I met at the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in New Delhi, India.”

What does business mean to you?

“When you add value to something or someone with intend to solve a problem(s) and doing it in a sustainable manner for profit.”

What inspired you to participate?

“Initially it triggered my interest and once I had a detailed conversation with the Linnaeus University representative about my aspirations. He recommended this unique inter-disciplinary program which is very relevant to my current role as a Business Analyst. I thought this is a great opportunity; why not give it my best shot!”

How has this win affected your future?

“This win is completely life changing for me and has boosted my morale and open new doors for me.”

What did you learn about Linnaeus University through the process?

“I have learned a great deal about Linnaeus University. I learned about its history and also its research focus which also matches with my aspirations and interests. I am really impressed how Linnaeus University collaborates with the local and international companies to keep the whole academic experience relevant in the ever changing business environment.”

How has it been to get to know Linnaeus University so far?

“It is been great to know Linnaeus University so far, the staff and faculty are very friendly and approachable. I am really impressed by university’s effort to engage and integrate International students in the university and also in the local community with initiatives such as ‘Buddy Program’ and also the ‘Family friends project.”

What’s next for you and Linnaeus University?

“I am keen on pursuing doctoral program as soon as I finish my Masters Program or don’t even mind working for couple of years in Management Consulting role. I am keeping an open mind and see what opportunities are available at that moment in the future.”

When did you start thinking about which University you were going to attend?

“While working in the corporate, I always felt there is skill and knowledge gap that needed to be filled and upgraded. I have been actively looking for specialized Masters Program for the last of couple of years. I was aware about the universities in Nordics because of the their focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.”

What influenced your decision? What was it that attracted you to that specific university/degree/program?

“Initially, I was inclined towards Innovation & Corporate Entrepreneurship domain. The inter-disciplinary nature, structure & content of the program and collaboration with the local industry for real world projects is what really attracted me to apply for this specific university and also the program.”

Did you always know you wanted to study at Linnaeus University?

“Initially, I was keen on pursuing my specialized Master Program in the Nordics because of their clear focus on Innovation, sustainability and environment. Right after visiting the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF) in New Delhi, India and thorough research on the Masters Program content and structure, I narrowed it down to Linnaeus University in Sweden.”

What got you excited about this challenge?

“I was really excited about the challenge because the reward was a full scholarship for this new and unique inter-disciplinary program. So I am really looking forward to work on real world projects in collaboration with the industry and different faculty within the university.”

Would you have applied to Linnaeus University even if you had not participated in the opportunity?

“Yes, I would still apply to Linnaeus University because of the uniqueness of the Masters Program.”

Congratulations once again to Ameet! Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram for more stories as new winners are selected.