My first week at the Stockholm School of Economics!

SSE on the outside

August has come and gone, which means… I just completed my first week at the Stockholm School of Economics! Known as Handelshögskolan in Sweden, SSE is definitely a great place to be at.

I am currently doing an MSc in Business and Management (MBM in short) and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun AND hard work. I got to know the school and the programme better during my trip there in February (thanks Sqore!) so I’m thrilled to be here.

Intro Week At SSE

At the start of the school year, the Intro Committee at SSE organises a week of fun activities. This year, students went to Taxinge castle, about an hour west of Stockholm. While I couldn’t go because I was in the MBM Pre-Program, it seems like students had a lot of fun. Other activities included a pub crawl and going to places like F12 and Trädgården.

We also had an official welcome by the SSE’s president Lars Strannegård and the Equality and Diversity Manager Karol Vieker. It’s great to know that the school believes that this is important! International students also had the chance to file an application for the all-important personnummer and sort out administrative matters.

Welcome Banquet/Sittning


This deserves a whole post on its own! At the end of the Intro Week, new students had the chance to experience a Swedish sittning. You get to dress up, have dinner, sing a whole bunch of Swedish songs and maybe even steal someone else’s glass! What’s there not to like?

Live Case

What’s really cool about the MBM programme is that you start with a live case in the first week! A company came to present a situation that they were facing and they wanted us to tackle it with an innovative solution. Since the programme consists of students both from SSE and other universities in Sweden and abroad, course director Mattia Bianchi split us up into 15 different groups to meet new classmates.

Case work

Although my group didn’t win in the end, I learned a lot about group dynamics and time management during this one short week. Teamwork is necessary in our work lives so it’s great to have the opportunity to experience it at university.

The idea behind the Live Case was to give us a sense of what our upcoming Field Project would be like. As part of the first semester of the MBM programme, each group of students has to work on a company project similar to the Live Case. However, the Field Project lasts the whole semester and runs alongside the other business and management classes. I’m excited to see what we’ll have for our projects!

Sound interesting?

Check out the SSE website for details on how to meet representatives from the school:

If you’re in Sweden, be sure to come by Sveavägen 65 in Stockholm for our open house on October 12! More details here.