Welcome, International Students!

Welcome card

It’s always nice to feel welcome.

On Sunday 8th October, President of the Stockholm City Council, Mrs Eva-Louise Erlandsson Slorach, held a reception to welcome international students to Stockholm. The reception was arranged by the City of Stockholm and coordinated by Stockholms Akademiska Forum and is held annually. This all took place at the Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset)!

In the week before the event, staff from the Program Office here at the Stockholm School of Economics distributed tickets to the event. Although I wasn’t entirely sure whether I could go due to my impending book review assignment (more on time management soon!), I signed up. I’m glad I did!

Hej och välkommen!

During the speeches I felt a sense of welcome and openness. One of the speakers even told us that he hoped that we would stay in Stockholm after finishing our studies! After studying in the US and the UK, that statement surprised me. I think it’s really nice to study in a city where people are friendly, open, and welcoming. A tolerant and inclusive environment makes for a better study experience.

After the speeches, we moved from the Blue Hall to the Golden Hall for some fika. If you’ve been exposed to some form of Swedish culture, you’d be looking forward to some coffee and cinnamon buns (kanelbullar)!

Golden hall

I found my friend Violaine just before the speeches started so we went for our fika together. What was great was that after weeks of trying to have fika together, we finally managed to! I had lots of fun catching up while drinking coffee from exquisite drinkware and having a cinnamon bun (or two).

Study in Stockholm… maybe at SSE?

At this point I really want to suggest thinking about Stockholm as a study destination. I know it’s not the first city that comes to mind when thinking about studying abroad. A few years ago I would not have even thought of studying in Sweden. But based on my experience here so far, I certainly think it’s worth considering!

If you’re a business student or someone interested in business or economics, consider the Stockholm School of Economics. I’m very satisfied with the education I’m receiving through the MSc in Business and Management and I’m really happy that I chose SSE. I’ve written two blog posts based on my experience in the programme so check them out.

If this sounds interesting, save the date below!

SSE MSc Open House

Thursday, 12 October 2017, 17:00 – 19:30

Stockholm School of Economics

Sveavägen 65, 113 83 Stockholm