Proof that Eliminating Bias in Recruiting is Possible

Sqore uses skills-based challenges to recruit talent and students. We work with clients all over the world, ensuring they find the people who are the best fit for their company or university. We’ve written about equality before, including how to increase gender equality in tech and how to write job ads that aren’t inherently discriminatory, but […]

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What’s Wrong with the CV?

It’s time for recruiters to face a hard truth: traditional hiring methods that revolve around CVs just don’t cut it anymore. These outdated documents don’t even come close to providing an accurate or complete picture of how suitable a candidate might be for a job. CVs don’t offer any means of measuring skills or understanding […]

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An interview with Riccardo Natale Spina, winner of the Exclusive interview for the Danfoss Postgraduate Program Challenge

 “As the majority of graduate programs the possibility to have mentor, learning modules, job rotation are the best way to start a career” – Riccardo Natale Spina Out of the 1092 people who all wanted it, Riccardo Natale Spina was the one who came out as the grand winner of the first Danfoss Challenge on […]

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How Will Brexit Impact Higher Education?

With a rich cultural and academic history, the United Kingdom has long been a mecca for higher education. However, as Brits have made the decision to leave the European Union, apprehension is in the air for students, academics and universities. It’s been six months since the referendum passed, and although many of the details of […]

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The Many Roles of a Corporate Recruiter

Recruiting in today’s ultra-competitive job market is not for the faint of heart. It’s a tough world out there, and attracting the best talent is a task that takes dedication, skill and the right set of tools. Today’s corporate recruiter must take on a variety of different roles as they work to hire the best […]


Shell Ideas 360 – The countdown has begun!

January 16, 2017 The Clock is ticking and the deadline for submitting your entries to Season 4 of Shell Ideas360 is approaching soon. We are sure you may have registered for Stage One and are currently in the process of making those final touches to your world changing idea. Don’t forget that the deadline for submitting […]