Proof that Eliminating Bias in Recruiting is Possible

Sqore uses skills-based challenges to recruit talent and students. We work with clients all over the world, ensuring they find the people who are the best fit for their company or university. We’ve written about equality before, including how to increase gender equality in tech and how to write job ads that aren’t inherently discriminatory, but […]

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Five Steps to Win a Competition

Would you consider yourself a competitive person? Do you want to win a competition? If yes, then this article is just for you. Below you will find the five things you need to consider to become a winner. You can participate in competitions to learn or to win. The advice you will find below can […]


An interview with Gillian Miswardi, winner of the Discover Stockholm School of Economics & KAB International Fellows Program

“It’s given me the confidence that I can think critically about topics in business despite not having done a degree in business yet.”  – Gillian Miswardi, winner of the Discover Stockholm School of Economics & KAB International Fellows Program. Congratulations to Gillian Miswardi from Singapore on joining our exclusive group of Sqore winners! Gillian won the Discover Stockholm […]


Valeo Innovation Challenge 2017 – Semi Finalists announced!

Paris, March 24, 2017 – Valeo today announced the 24 teams selected to move onto the second stage of its global competition, the Valeo Innovation Challenge. Selected from a total of 1,628 participating teams by 70 Valeo experts and independent scientists, the 24 semi-finalist teams hail from 13 countries across 23 universities and schools.* There are 11 teams competing in the “technological innovation” […]

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What’s Wrong with the CV?

It’s time for recruiters to face a hard truth: traditional hiring methods that revolve around CVs just don’t cut it anymore. These outdated documents don’t even come close to providing an accurate or complete picture of how suitable a candidate might be for a job. CVs don’t offer any means of measuring skills or understanding […]

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20 Ways to Boost International Student Recruitment

Last month on our blog, we talked about the vast potential that international student recruitment can have on your university. But how do you attract these students to your school? Today we’re offering 20 ways to boost your international recruitment strategy for continued success for your students, for your reputation, and for your bottom line. […]