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Top 6 Countries To Study Fashion

Are you planning to pursue your degree in fashion? Here are top six countries where its known to have the best fashion education.

1. United Kingdom

As most of you are already aware, London is the heart of the fashion world and home to many famous fashion schools. Studying fashion in London will give you experience working in the industry as well as daily inspiration from the city’s vibrant art, theatre, and music scenes. (Click here to explore study programs in fashion.)

2. United States

If you are wondering where in the States? New York City is the capital of fashion, with all the resources and inspiration that one could ask for. However, this doesn’t mean you have to study in the Big Apple, there are other cities and states where there are possibilities for creativity and specialization that are endless.

3. France

Paris Fashion Week is the highlight of the fashion world’s calendar and many of the institutions in Paris are globally renowned. Fashion isn’t limited to Paris either, you can study wherever in France and find inspiration anywhere.

4. Italy

Italian fashion has had pride of place for centuries and it still remains a standard for the entire industry. It will give students a chance to experience some of the most important fashion houses and manufacturers in the world.

5. Spain

Although Spain is not one of the “Big Four”, but it doesn’t mean the country is not fashionable. Spain is known to have some fast fashion brands and they are a bit of trendsetter in the fashion world. Studying in Spain will give you chance to experience the innovative fashion.

6. Singapore

If you thought all the fashion institutions only existed in the West, Singapore is a small country with a big fashion sense. There are designers in the country who are constantly competing to be the best and they are known to think outside the box and working across boundaries. Study fashion in Singapore, and you will find numerous opportunities explore emerging fashion trends.

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