Here’s How to Convince Your Employer to Fund Your Part-Time EMBA

Thinking of getting an Executive MBA, but can’t afford to take time off from work? Part-time MBA programs will give you the flexibility to do both. But how will you afford this investment?

According to the New York Times, companies are more willing to pay for part-time programs than full-time because the employee must leave the company for the duration of the full-time degree.

Here’s some good leads on how you could pitch your company to pay for your EMBA.

1. Check your employee handbook

Before you start the conversation with your boss, it’s always good to check your company’s website or the employee handbook first. Find out if the company has any formal tuition reimbursement or scholarship programs.

2. Talk to Human Resources

Once you have done your research, human resources department is always a good place to start. The HR manager should be able to tell you if there is a pre-established program for employees who want to receive tuition assistance for a part-time MBA program.

3. Build your case

If there are no formal programs established at your work, don’t give up. Build your case and make the pitch to your boss.

Business Insider recommends that you show the company how it will benefit in the long run because getting the degree will strengthen your understanding of the business environment. It is also “critical to convey to the company that you’re planning to stick with the firm once you graduate,” according to the Wall Street Journal.



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